~"There's a vulture, on my shoulder, and it's telling me to give in."~

Spent most of my induction yesterday in silence because the girl I walked to the room with got put in a separate group to me…
Luckily last night when I was super drunk I met a guy a few doors down doing Ancient History too so I know at least one person in my class…at least for the core modules anyway :3


Gather round kids, I have a headcanon to share.

The background of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is vague but one thing is certain. Four children were murdered, their bodies never found by police. Since then, the animatronics had been described as walking corpses. It’s been thought that they’re possessed by the dead children, furthered by the audio glitch that’s been discovered. The animatronic screams usually stop half way through the track, but if they carry on they become what sounds like a child’s scream. 

So, this got me thinking. If these things are possessed by children, but how often does the child shine through the character they portray?

Foxy has unique behaviour in the game. Hiding behind the curtains of pirate’s cove, where he seems to be rotting away. He only comes out when the cameras aren’t watching, only to run to the security room and find you there.

My theory? Foxy, until he successfully runs into the security room, is recreating his final living moments as a child. His injured self, hiding in pirate’s cove, waiting for the opportune moment to run to the security room to grab to phone in hopes that someone will come to save him, before his murderer catches up to finish him off.

When you shut that door just in time, he bangs against it in despair, before hiding once more. He’s stuck in an endless and terrified cycle, unless he finds you first.

(via the-girl-with-the-delorean)

To scared to go to my lesson, I’m just led in bed now. I have twenty minutes until I have to leave and I still need to do stuff but I’m too scared to leave 😫

About to head to my first induction lesson of Uni after staying out til midnight and having an awful nights sleep where I had a long movie-esque nightmare and then three dreams about being late today…

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